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Zodiac Collection

The Zodiac Collection is a total reading experience.  It contains the Picture Book collection, the Story Book collection and the Zodiac Think & Share.

        The Zodiac Picture Book Collection is a set of 13 original fine picture books, especially suitable for young children.  The 12 individual stories feature the animals in the Chinese zodiac system, each formulates its own engaging story.  A 13th book outlines in an easy-to-understand way the original of the Chinese zodiac system.  With high quality artistically hand painted pictures, attentive to details displaying many Chinese elements, these books are a perfect introduction to the Chinese traditions and culture.  The books are bilingual in Chinese and English, with standard pinyin to show pronunciation.  Chinese text has been especially enlarged to cater for the young eyes.  Audio read-along CDs in Putonghua, Cantonese and BBC English accompany each book.

        The Zodiac Story Book Collection is suitable for lower primary (6- to 9-year-old) readers.  Based on the same stories of the Picture Book collection, the Story Book offers much more detailed and vivid description of the story.  Each story is about 5000 words long, divided into chapters.  These books are perfect for children who have developed a longer attention span, and become more interested in enriching their word bank and developing writing styles.

        Zodiac Think & Share invites parents and teachers to share quality reading time with the children.  For each story, there are many supporting material to engage the children in reading and to help parents to appreciate the various aspects of the child’s development.  These include: discussion ideas, maps, colouring-in games, activities, etc.  Zodiac Think & Share are available for free.